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MedCare Eriarstid OÜ private clinic – Narva Str 7,  Tallinn, Estonia online booking.

You can book appointments here:

    • General Practitioner’s appointment (blood tests, examinations, prescription)
    • Help to quit smoking
    • Counseling in case of sleep problems
    • Clinical psychologist appointment
    • Nutritionist appointment
    • issuing or extension of a health certificate for a motor vehicle driver
    • issuing or extension of a health certificate for food business operator or person starting to work
    • Vaccinations (influenza A, B hepatitis, tick and other vaccines)
    • Health Audit Packages
    • Nurse’s appointment (select if you need to do analyses, tests, measure blood pressure, or inject or want to be counseling for vaccination)
    • lung examination using spirography or PEF meter, hearing control using audiometry, electrocardiogram (ECG)

How to book? Choose the service You want. You can search for a service by its name. For example: “health certificate”.  For express blood tests, select the desired test (blood sugar, cholesterol, hemoglobin). If you want to make analyses or examinations, search for “nurse`s appointment” and select nurse`s appointment. The booking system offers the first available times of the day.

The renewal and issuing of a car driver’s health certificate requires the prior completion of a health declaration.

The declaration can only be completed digitally on: For this you need Estonian identification.

If you did not find a suitable service, please send us a message via the contact form below. Select the service you are interested in and the date you would like to come to the appointment.

The prices of services of MedCare Eriarstid private clinic can be found here.

If You are interested in physiotherapy and restorative services, You can find more detailed information about the services and book an appointment at our partner Wellness Studio OÜ website.

See more our   services.

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In order to receive an appointment to occupational health care physician, Your company first needs to sign a service contract with us. Unless the contract, we applicable regular price list prices. For the appointment  adds tests and examinations prices. See occupational health services here.

If you have any questions about booking, call +372 55 62 0023 and book an appointment by phone.