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Private clinic MedCare Eriarstid OÜ Narva Str 7 online booking

We serve customers one by one and ask everyone to come to the reception as accurately as possible at the appointed time.

Kohtumisele tulles kandke maski. If you do not have a mask, you can buy it from us for 1 €.

Please come to the appointment only if you are healthy not with a cough, runny nose and fever. Please read the detailed instructions for the patient in COVID-19 conditions before coming. You can find it here.

In order to obtain a food business operator’s health certificate, it is first necessary to book an appointment with a nurse to provide analyzes and complete a health declaration. The results of the analyzes take 3-10 days in the laboratory.

For health audits and health packages, it is also necessary to book first the appointment to a nurse We will arrange a doctor’s appointment for a suitable day for you, after you have done blood tests.

You can book appointments here:

    • A cardiac stress test in veloergometer
    • a health audit, ie a full health examination (preferably before the analysis and examination), first booked time for the nurse’s appointment to provide analyzes, if they are done, we make a doctor appointment
    • Medical certificates for driving licenses Group 1 (A, AM, B, BE) and Group 2 (C, CE, D, DE)
    • a health certificate of a food business operator or a person entering employment, book an appointment for a nurse’s appointment to provide analyzes
    • General practitioner or family doctor’s appointment (health audit, health check, prescription, cold and other health problems) Üllar Mätas
    • reception of a clinical psychologist (Irina Verbat)
    • Nutritionist / Therapist Reception (Külli Holsting)
    • physiotherapist’s reception (Kadri Villem)
    • lung examination using spirography or PEF meter, hearing control using audiometry, electrocardiogram (ECG)
    • different blood tests, book an appointment with a nurse to give blood tests

How to book? Choose the service You want. You can search for a service by its name. For example: “health certificate”, “health audit”, “physiotherapist”, “exercise test”


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If you did not find a suitable service, please send us a message via the contact form below. Select the service you are interested in and the date you would like to come to the appointment.

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    In order to receive an appointment to occupational health care physician, Your company first needs to sign a service contract with us. Unless the contract, we applicable regular price list prices. For the appointment adds tests and examinations prices. See occupational health services here.

    If you have any questions about booking, call +372 55 62 0023 and book an appointment by phone.