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Occupational health

Occupational health care and medical surveillance of workers in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Occupational health care is not only a matter of medical surveillance, it is also about ergonomics at work, restoring workers’ health and taking preventive action, to prevent work-related illnesses and occupational diseases by minimizing the risk factors.

Occupational health

Occupational health care. Reviewing the risk analysis. Conducting medical examinations and analyses. Giving advice on ergonomic design of the workplace and providing physiotherapy to restore the health of the employees.

Analyses and examinations.

Different blood tests: measurement of blood sugar and cholesterol. Hemogram, liver analyses. Determination of vitamins and minerals.

With us, you can quickly control your blood pressure, perform electrocardiogram (ECG), pulmonary function tests – spirography and hearing control with audiometry.


We help to restore Your health. Health plans with physiotherapy.

General Practitioner

Paid appointments to general practitioner. If you do not have health Insurance by Health Insurance Fund or you do not have a family physician, you can conveniently and quickly come to the appointment of our physician with your health problems.

Health audit

We provide health audits for women, men and seniors together with comprehensive analyses and examinations.

Health audit woman 40+ and man 40+

Health examination specifically designed for women and men aged 40+ with comprehensive analyses and examinations with a physician`s appointment.

Health plans for seniors.

Health examination with comprehensive analyses and examinations for people aged 60+.

Different packages with restorative services are possible.

Health certificates

We issue different medical certificates. We issue different health certificates – for food business operators, car drivers, security guards for starting to work. We carry out the necessary analyses and examinations, as well as medical surveillance to issue a health certificate.


Seasonal vaccinations. We carry out vaccinations against influenza, tick-borne encephalitis, hepatitis A and B and other diseases.


Creating ergonomic workplaces in your organization. Ergonomic furniture. Ergonomic evaluation of workplaces. Ergonomic training in the organization. It is possible for You to try an ergonomic workplace for a few hours or days in our office.

Health day at the organisation

We organize motivation and health days at your organisation. We come to your office to provide our services on site.

Exemplary topics for health days.

  • Health day in the field of ergonomics.
  • Health day with restorative services: light therapy, lymph massage, weighing, BMI calculation, measurement of body fat, muscle mass and visceral fat level, measurement of blood pressure and many more.
  • Chinese therapies: Gua Sha or vacuum massage for relieving neck, back and hand pain.
  • Motivational facial yoga class in Your organisation.
  • • Lectures by occupational psychologist, motivational teamwork training.

Our partners

Our partners with whom we can offer You the best and highest quality services.
More sophisticated analyzes are performed by the medical laboratory SYNLAB Eesti OÜ.

X-ray, MRI and ultrasound examinations are performed by our partner Mammograaf OÜ.

Our partner ErgowayOÜ deals with ergonomics, ergonomic evaluation of workplaces and ergonomic products. Certified European ergonomist Triinu Sirge helps to create ergonomic workplaces and assess the risk factors.

You are always welcome!

How can we help You?
You can go to our physician`s appointment if you have an urgent health problem that You want to solve. You can also come to us to do prophylactic research and analyses just to check your health or if You want to have a thorough health examination.

You can always turn to us when You need to solve work environment issues: to conduct medical surveillance of the employees, organize ergonomics or if You need help promoting and restoring workers’ health.

We care about You and Your health!

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